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Ranger and the "Re-Arrangers": Store

You can download our Swing 16 and Reverie albums here:

Website_image1_resized.jpg$16 -- Swing 16  (2016) features solos on violin, mandolin, and clarinet. This is our favorite album so far!
  $14 -- Rêverie (2013) features solos on violin, mandolin, and guitar. Our first album to include some vocals!
 $13 -- Django's Tiger (2009) was our first full-band album. It's packed full with 17 tracks of classic gypsy jazz songs.
$12 -- Gypsy Moon (2006) is actually less gypsy-influenced and more straight swing. It was recorded with a quartet of violin backed by rhythm guitar, stand-up bass and a jazz drum kit, and features 7 swing standards and 7 eclectic originals.